Faith Filled Vision

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time..."

Habakkuk 2:2



Are you feeling uninspired when it comes your vision(s)? Are you feeling spiritually "dry"? Maybe you just need a support system when it comes to fulfilling the vision that God has set out for you?

We are here to help.

We exist to encourage and inspire those who want to obtain and 

maintain God-ordained vision for their life by offering faith-based

workshop classes, personal coaching & spiritual counseling (1-on-1's), and events.


In the midst of conquering heavy panic and anxiety from fear, 

God placed a vision in Lauren's heart to help those who feel that their prayers are going unanswered; doubt is setting in and they are questioning if the vision that God gave them will even come to past. 

She noticed there was a great need for manifestation so she started hosting annual Vision Board parties. This was a way to allow others a platform and safe space to declare their visions for their life and to receive support from like-minded people.

Not too long after, she hosted a successful group class that was based on Andy Stanley's book, "Visioneering". Witnessing how God has moved  and is moving in others' life was a confirmation that this was a vision worth fighting for!