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Are You Operating In Fear?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Do you find yourself in your own way? Holding yourself back by putting things off or just being plain lazy? I've been there. I can still find myself there. After much thought, I found that this "stuck" spirit is fed by fear. Fear can paralyze you from moving. It stops you from your faith walk with the Lord. And we know that we cannot please the Lord without faith -- Hebrews 11:8 says, "Now without faith it's impossible to please God."

I always like to say: When you're out of faith, you're operating in the flesh; and the flesh looks in the physical realm. It reacts based on circumstances and temporary things. We, as children of God, do not look at circumstances or situations around us but we look at the unseen through our spiritual eyes. What is the unseen? Well, it's the promises of God that, we know undoubtedly, will come to past. We are just waiting for the manifestation of what God has promised us. If he says you are healed (Isaiah 53:5), you are healed of all sickness and disease. If he says you get through this (Phil 4:13), you can do it.

Let's re-focus on what God says we can do. We get so caught up in what the World tells us is possible, and that's what holds us back from seeing manifestation. So rid of that fearful spirit that's making you not go after what's yours! And be courageous in the Lord and remind yourself that God is with you through tribulations and triumphs, always. All things are working for your good. When you know that.... believe that in your heart & soul, nothing can tell you different.

Let's not only re-focus but practice walking by faith even if you're feeling fearful. Apply to that job, put a bid on that house, start your healing process, put yourself out there -- GO OUT IN FAITH! Without works, faith is dead. Simply put, while we are waiting on God to move, God is is waiting on you to act. He cannot do anything while you're sitting around. The blessing is out there with your name on it, but you gotta go claim it!

In Him,


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