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The Introduction

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I am very excited to be sharing my first post with you. With these weekly posts, I hope to touch your heart and uplift your spirit by reminding you of God's promises regarding your vision(s) in life.

Many times, we find ourselves wearing thin while on the journey to manifestation. We lose vision and the enemy can de-rail us by flooding our mind with doubt and fear. However, there is good news: The enemy does not have power over us. He does not have power over our circumstances; and he does not have power over our outcome. God has given us the power to overcome all power over the enemy and nothing shall harm us. (Luke 10:19) But we have to have knowledge that we possess this power and can utilize it, at all times.

And that is FFV's mission -- to remind you of the power Jesus left you. Whether your vision consists of health, launching/ growing your business and/ or starting a family -- if we just knew our power through Jesus Christ, nothing could stop us from witnessing our manifestation.

Power is rightfully yours and manifestation is due to you.

In Him,


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