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Show ‘Em, Sis!

In the words of T'Challa's mother, "Show them who you arrrrrrrre!" I imagine the Holy Spirit reminding us of the same thing when we're in battle but, without all that screaming that Angie's doing! Sigh.

A lot of us, fall into this situation-- we either hide & run or take it upon ourselves to show our trial who WE be. You're probably thinking, "Huh?" A lot of us are acting in our own strength and might when handling situations. You tired? Mentally, emotionally and physically drained? Headed towards hopelessness and veering off from what was originally promised to you? Yeah, you have a case of "You're out of order, hun".

We have to ask ourselves, "Do I REALLY know who I am? And who's I am?" Maybe your answer is "Heck yeah, Lauren!" Maybe your answer is a simple, "No". What I am sure of is that all of us need a reminder so I'm here to give it!

You-- yes, YOU! Point to yourself and read this out loud: "I belong to the Most High; the omnificent, all-knowing, all- powerful... and I mean 'nothing is too great for Him' type of powerful. He don't lose NO battles and I mean NONE; and He ain't missing NO sleep. The one who went before my forefathers. The one who promised Abraham a nation. The One who went to battle for Moses. The One who sent His son, Jesus, to reunite me with Him. That's who I call Father."

That's who you call Father! What you need to wrap your head around is, that's YOUR daddy. He said, "I knew you before you entered your mama's womb" Jeremiah 1:5. He knows ME. He knows YOU. Repeat: "You know me". If he created you and set you apart, why wouldn't He love you? I know you're used to conditioned love but, this is a serious and delirious love we're talking about. He's in love with YOU. So, why would He fail YOU? His own. His blood. His image. Why?

In the midst of what you're feeling, right now, show anyone and everyone (including the Devil) who you really are and who's you are! Remind that mountain who's child you is! Remind yourself, baby. It keeps your eyes on the real prize: His promises to YOU-- His child. He'll protect you at all costs. Don't ever forget it or you'll lose focus, and receive a "prize" that was never meant for you.

Love you sis,


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